Tåve and Isabelle - on their own they are just
two ordinary girls, but together they are Peaches!

The girls met at an audition in the fall of 2000 and became friends immediately, even though they were very different and not even the same age (Tåve was 8 and Isa 11).

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Tåves'          Isas'

Isa had been singing for many years and had even recorded a single, a cover of Freestyle's "Fantasi", produced by Christer Sandelin. Tåve's strength was dancing, something she had been doing practically ever since she could walk (she also competes and actually placed 1:st in the Swedish Nationals for her agegroup).

The girls liked eachother and had similar taste in music, so before long they decided to start a group together.

They wanted the music to be dance oriented but a little "cooler", with more attitude, than the other young bands. And most inmportantly, they wanted to decide on the music and how they were going to look by themselves.

With a bit of luck they were able to hook up with a record company and through them found a producer and some songwriters. Before long the first single - Rosa Helikopter - was ready.

With the single and the dance, choreographed and directed by Moa Sundén, the girls landed their first job - as opening act for Nicke&Mojje during their summer tour.

All went well, and after a few gigs the girls were offered the chance to performe together with Nicke&Mojje as well as opening for them.

The girls did a fantastic job and soon got used to performing for audiences of a thousand or more and signing autographs with the band afterwards.

"We had a great time", the girls say. "And what a perfect way to get started! To sing and dance on stage in front of an audience is the best".

After the tour everything happened quickly. A new single - Skateboard - was released and work on the first album started. A video for Skateboard was shot and the album released on October 29, 2001.

The girls say that nothing changes just because you've released an album and been on tour. It is great fun, of course, but also a lot of work and not as glamorous as you might think.

"It is cool to talk to fans after a show, you find out right away if you've don a good job or not!" they say.

"Sometimes our friends ask questions about things, but that's only fun". "But one thing is for certain - we had no idea how much hard work it takes to make an album with the dancing, singing and all".

When they aren't rehearsing or on stage somewhere the girls do what other kids their age do - go to school, do homework, practice dancing and singing, ride horses, fight with their brothers and sisters...

...Life continued during the spring of 2002 for the group , but by now they were a bit older and a little more experienced (but they still fight with their brothers and sisters).

A new single - Vi Rymmer Bara Du Och Jag (Remix) - was released and the band went on a promo tour with Åhléns. At the same time demos were recorded, new songs made and new dance and songnumbers rehearsed.

After lots of work and much touring in both Sweden and Norway the single Rosa Helikopter took off. It was in the top-40 charts for more than 25 weeks during the year, it sold gold in Sweden and finished 26:th for the year. In Norway the single finished 10:th and sold platinum, while the album placed 49:th and sold gold.

Everything happened very quickly and took much larger proportions than anyone ever expected.

"It's all fun" says Tåve, "Now that we've performed so many times and everything's going so well it feels like we can do anything. And school and friends are no problem - it's probably worse for our parents who have to make sure everything works out."

"And remember how we recorded the first single mostly for fun" Isa adds. "And then it turned out this good!"

2003 the group released a new single - Dynamit Nitroglycerin, Baby - and shortly thereafter a new album - Fritt Fall. The techno sound was still there and the single sold well, reaching 7:th in the charts.

The touring continued during the year. Lots of gigs, travel, hotels, autographs, coreography...all the things that give you experience and needs getting used to if you want to work as an artist.

"We are older now and more in control, able to make more demands. And our taste in music's changed as well" the girls say. "We liked Daddy Cool when we heard it on the radio. and that's why we wanted to cover it."

"But it is not really our style, in the beginning it was all about techno and disco, but now we are more into rock and punk. Which probably will show on the next album!"

"And we want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who buys our records, comes to shows and writes to us; it is thanks to you this is so much fun - lotsa HUGZ from Peaches to you!"