Name: Tåve
Born: 1992-03-23
Sign: Aries
Family: Dad, mom, brother
Eyes: Blue
Height: 160 cm
Nickname: Tofflan
Food: Mom's bacon-stir
Drink: Coke, tea and cider
Candy: Salty licorice
Color: Black, red
Memory: My first dance competition
Animal: Cat
Music: Hanoi Rocks, Alice Cooper
Idols: Hanoi Rocks
Movie: Stayin' Alive, The Girl That Fell Overboard, Weekend at Bernie's
Travel: Brazil
Kid Picture: Click


I'm Tåve. Thanks for dropping by! Hope you like our site, we worked really hard to make it as cool as we can.

I used to have a cat called Torben. He was the cutest cat in the world, and he died when he was 15 years old. I was pretty upset, he'd been around all my felt really weird not having him running around my legs anymore.

We have a new kitten now, it's also a Persian, but a female. She's adorable, black and white and her name is Trixi Belle!

I've had a hamster, too. Its name was Cool. I'd like to get a new one but my parents don't want to. They say mixing a kitten and a hamster can only lead to trouble. Hmm...

I go to a special "music school" where we get to study music and singing as well as the normal subjects. The singing and music is fine, but math sucks (boring) ;-)

I play guitar, too. It's lots of fun, but also difficult 'cuz my fingers are so small!

I take dance classes at Laisings Dansinstitut and this fall I'll be taking classes at Lasse Kuhlers as well. I've been dancing ever since I was two, and I used to compete. A couple of years ago I competed in the Swedish Nationals and placed first in my age group! That was really cool.

I have lots of friends, we usually go to the movies or shopping. I like to buy clothes and candy ;-) and going to the stores without my parents, because then I get to decide what to do and where to go. We also like to hang out at home, listening to music or watching music videos.

It is really cool being in Peaches! I was soooo nervous before our first show, but as soon as we got up on stage the feeling disappeared. After the first summer tour I don't get nervous at all anymore. I like singing in the studio too, but it is difficult to know what a song will sound like once it is done. Sometimes you can't even tell it is the same song as the demo.

Last year we spent a lot of time in Norway. It was kämpegöy (is that how it's spelled?). Everyone was really nice, so I hope we get to go back there soon.

My greatest idols are a band called Hanoi Rocks. They're a glam-rock band from Finland. Not exactly the same style as ours, but I really like rock too. Probably because my parents like it and we listen to rock all the time at home. The singer in Hanoi is called Michael Monroe and he is really cool to watch on stage! A while ago they played in Sweden and I was there. I got really lucky and got to meet the band in their hotel and backstage before the show. Before I met them I was so nervous I tore up a plastic bag into little bits, but afterwards I was just happy! Here's a cool picture of them.

When we recorded "Fritt Fall" Isa and I were supposed to sing a song each on our own. Unfortunately my song didn't get finished in time, so it never made the album. That was a real bummer...

But I've been working on it all summer and it's finished now! I'm releasing it as a single this fall, and if you want a preview just click here. As soon as it's released we'll let you know, it will also be available in the shop here on the site. Hope you like it!!