Name: Isabelle
Born: 1989-06-23
Sign: Cancer
Family: Dad, mom, brother, sister
Eyes: Blue
Height: 155 cm
Nickname: Issa, Isa
Food: Indian
Drink: CocaCola, Juice, Earl Grey Tea
Candy: Chocolate
Color: White, red
Memory: When I got my horse
Animal: Horse, dog, rabbit, guinea pig, elephant, turtle, cat
Music: The Cure, The Doors, Joy Division, Velvet Underground and Nico, everything by Thåström
Idols: The Cure, The Doors
Movie: Min odödliga kärlek, Mitt liv som hund
Travel: Sydney, Los Angeles, Florida
Kid Picture: click


My name is Isabelle Sofia Maria Erkendal. I want to tell you a little about myself -

I've been messing with music all my life, I guess that's because my dad is the singer in a band (The Mobile Homes).

I recorded my first single when I was 8 years old, together with Christer Sandelin. It was a cover of Freestyle's "Fantasi". It was really fun, and you can click here if you want to hear it!

Right now I'm 15 years old. I go to music school and I play the guitar, I have since 4th grade.

Besides music I like animals. I have two horses (Punkt and Soraya), a dog (Konrad), a rabbit (Albin), a guinea pig (Ragge), five frogs and a fish (Proppen). The frogs all look the same, so they have no names. Besides my own animals my favourites are cats and elephants.

When we move we are building a stable and I'll be getting two cats. I'm naming them Robert and Mary after the singer in The Cure and his wife.

My bad sides are that I am enormously stubborn and I always want to decide things at home.

My good sides are that I am a happy person and I love humour. I just love the Bad News (english movie). I think my taste in music is pretty unusual. My favourites are Stranglers, Beatles, Sex Pistols, Depeche mode, Adam and the Ants, but above all THE CURE. They are just the best. Here is a picture of Robert Smith, the singer.