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Press clippings
We've saved up a few press clippings over the years...

Our first press info 2000 (cute!)
Unknown Newspaper 2001 (here's us with Nicke&Mojje. FUN!)
Ölandstidningen 2001-11-08 (this is right at the beginning)
Ölandstidningen 2001-11-08 (same gig)
Ölandstidningen 2001-11-13 (article after the show)
Aftonbladet (first one in Aftonbladet)
Expressen Söndag  (first one in Expressen)
Aftonbladet 2002-02-22  (Rosa Helikopter in the saleschart!)
Expressen 2002-05-22  (Jonna Sima was really nice when we met)
VG 2002-07-23 (Trondheim, first time with VG listans summer tour. NERVOUS!)
VG 2002-07-31 (when we got the gold & platinum awards. COOL!)
Bergens Tidning 2002-07-31 (they said we looked like anorectics - nice? NOT!)
Aftenposten 2002-08-06 (this was made over the phone)
Okänd Tidning 2002-08 (Norwegian weekly)
Metro 2002-12-10 (article on Rosa Helikopter to be recorded in German)
Norska Albumlistan 2002 (saleschart albums Norway 2002)
Norska Singellistan 2002 (saleschart singles Norway 2002)
Svenska Singellistan 2002 (saleschart singles Sweden 2002)
Okänd Tidning 2003 (talent show for kids, some as us!)
Expressen 2003 (Jonna's probably been working too much, she doesn't seem to remember us anymore...)
Julia 2003 (article in Julia Magazine)
McDonalds 2003-1 (tray coaster 1 from McDonalds)
McDonalds 2003-2 (tray coaster 2 from McDonalds)
McDonalds 2003-3 (tray coaster 3 from McDonalds)
Aftonbladet 2003-06-18  (Dynamit Nitroglycerin Baby in the saleschart!)
VG 2003-07-02 (pictures from Trondheim. LOTS of people!)
VG 2003-07-08 (pictures from Tromsö. MIDNIGHT SUN!)
Ålandstidningen 2003-07-14 (review of our show)
DN 2003-08-03 (DN thought the porn-lady is sophisticated!)
FinDance 2003-08-18 (our first Number One! And a great review!)
FagerstaPosten 2004-08-30 (article after our gig)