We're really glad you've joined our fanclub - Club RosaHelikopter!!

We'll be posting lots of cool stuff on these pages, like latest info, pics, previews of coming songs and videos, ...and it's for members only!

If you have any suggestions about what you think should be on here, what a real fanclub ought to have, please mail them to us!

We would also like to ask all those who left out the postal address on the application to please send it to us (email to info@peaches.se). We need it to send you stuff, for example the club-kit to all MAXI members! By the way, addresses are treated confidentially and NOT revealed to anyone.


We haven't played many gigs since summer, so we decided to film the gig we played this weekend and post it here on the site as a special treat for all of our patient fans and clubmembers! It was a short nightclub set, unannounced, but the crowd was crazy and it turned out to be lots of fun. The clip is live and unedited, filmed with a handheld DV-cam, so please excuse any rough edges. Also, the file is pretty large (18 minutes) so be patient and let it load for as long as it takes
! Click here to watch the clip.

The Daddy Cool video is finished. The image quality is better now!

Right now Peaches are working in the studio on songs for the next single and album. A few demos are ready, but which will be the next single has not been decided yet. There are 2 alternatives, one with a technosound and one which is more rock oriented. It will probably come down to how the album as a whole is meant to sound, which will be decided in the near future. Our own favourite song right now is a "modern rock" tune called Ordinary Girl, which is being made in cooperation with new producers in a new studio. We will be posting a clip from it within a few weeks. And as you can tell from the title the song is in English, something we've been wanting to do for a while but the girls really haven't been up to until now. Hope you'll like it!

As far as gigs go we are still keeping a low profile, there are a few but we're definitely prioritizing the songs. Once the new album is out (next year) we will go back and focus our efforts on gigs...

As you might have noticed we've changed the way the membership works. Those of you who already are members (up until membership number 738) will not be affected, your membership will be upgraded to MAXI at no charge!

There are those who have abused the "payment-by-invoice" privilege by not paying (even though we have sent several reminders). We think it is really sad, especially since we've always tried to keep all prices at a minimum. We're really tired of it and have decided to exclude the worst from the club, something we've never done before. The ones getting banned are -

1. Member 169-M, Sofia Eklund from Skyttorp
2. Member 371-T, Paulina Hägg from Kiruna

3. Member 412-W, Caroline Lökling Felde from Moss in Norge

If you happen to know any of these people you can let them know that we hate them and they are not welcome back!

Peaches recently played a gig at Skara Sommarland. It was a COLD and RAINY day, and the gig which was meant to be a lazy afternoon in the sun for the park visitors had to be moved to a nearby restaurant. But it turned out to be a fun gig anyway! For all of you who couldn't make it, check out the sample clips

The Daddy Cool give-away has been completed. CONGRATS to all the winners.

Don't forget to vote in the Cool Cover competition.

The Daddy Cool video is taking forever! We thought you might want to see the "working copy" while you wait, it is of inferior image quality than the final result will be, but you can at least get the general idea...

We took a few photos in Mantorp last weekend. This is
us and the best siblings in the world!

The site is undergoing some changes, so please forgive us if things are a bit confused right now. We thought it was time for a change, hope you like what we're doing!

Due to popular request we've decided to release Daddy Cool in Sweden, and in conjunction to this we want to give a few singles away to our clubmembers! If you want to take part in the raffle just send us an e-mail and let us know, just don't forget name and membership number (so we can reach you if you are one of the lucky winners).

It's been a while since the last update! But that's not because we're not doing anything, it's just that maybe it's not so visible...lately we've released Daddy Cool in Norway (it's available from Platekompaniet, so please BUY!!), started listening to new songs for the next album, recorded a few demos, recorded some videoclips for Daddy Cool and Ut i Natten, done a few small gigs and a clubgig in Stockholm! We haven't begun booking gigs yet though, but we will shortly. While we were recording the clips for Ut i Natten we also took the time to do a few songs live, because we wanted to try Daddy Cool live...and it went really well! We caught some on tape, you can check it out
here (it's not the best quality, but still...)

ShowKids is getting closer! Got your ticket yet? All the preparations have been done, clothes, music, lights, stageshow...it's gonna be great. Peaches will be performing three of their songs plus a whole lot of other cool stuff. Not to mention the other bands - Bubbles, Mojje o Skojje, Honeypies...this is one show you just can't miss. See ya there!

Parallell to the preparations for the show the girls have been working on a new song. This time together with the Norwegian "demon-DJ" Howard from MPE3RE. It is a cover of the old 70´s discohit Daddy Cool, check out the clip
here. The song is due to be released in Norway before Christmas, Sweden has not been decided yet.

The single giveaway is finished! Thank you all, we've had tons of great entries. Winners will be notified via email.

The chat yesterday went well. There were just the right number of people logged in and the girls were able to type their answers themselves! So there will be more opportunities to chat with them in the future.

We've just received a few copies of the latest single - Ut i Natten - and want to give some away to the clubmembers. If you are interested send an email to info@peaches.se (don't forget your membership number and address) and tell us what YOU think is the best thing about Peaches. The 10 funniest/most original mails will receive a single.

The club's just had it's 500:th member!! We want to celebrate this by giving away a "PeachesPack" containing the latest single - Ut i Natten - and a logoband. Congratulations Arash in Järfälla!

Peaches to perform new single live in the studio of LattjoLajban (TV4) in the morning of September 19!

Summer's over :-(
But that means we'll have more time to spend on the site :-)

This summer the focus has been on gigs, and we've done quite a few. It's been really fun, great crowds and mostly great weather. Speaking of weather, anyone except us gone swimming alot this summer?

But we haven't stopped planning for the future, next up is a new single (to be released in September/October) and a documentary. The single will be Ut i Natten, the clip is from a home video shot at the concert in Bollebygd. It's become one of our favourites on the album, hope you like it too...

The documentary is still being planned. We're hoping to be able to show some private footage, live songs and a look back at when the group was formed. If all goes well it will be ready towards the end of the year.

By now we're close to 500 members in the club. We thought we'd celebrate the 500:th member, we'll get back to you later on that...

I know, I know, it's been a while since we last updated the page. We're not happy about it either, but there just hasn't been any time...we'll try and improve in the future!

The single and album are out now. The single is doing well, it's currently 23rd in the Swedish chart and 3rd on mpetre's list in Norway, even though it is only going to be released there on June 10th! The album hasn't been out long enough yet, but with your help we're sure it will take off as well...

Oh yes, the album! We're really happy with it. There are a lot of good songs and the girls sing better than ever. We've kept the technosound from the first album on some of the songs, others have a little softer production with more "normal" voices. And then there is the pretty "Ut i Natten" with harmonies and all! The only thing that didn't go according to plan is that Tåve's song, Monster, that she made together with Micke Littwold, wasn't finished in time and didn't make the album. But no worries, it will be released as a single later on in the fall instead! Isabelles' song is called Pappa Har Sitt Jobb, it was mede together with Christian Falk. The girls share the singing on the rest of the songs as usual...

Peaches are just back from a weekend mini-tour with gigs in Liseberg and Kolmårdens zoo. This time was special, because it was the first time they performed Dumbom and Ut i Natten live! All went really well and the crowd was excellent in both places. The girls are really pleased and hope that all who were there are too. We shot some video at both gigs, because we are gathering material for a short documentary. We'll try and post a clip later...

From now on all who show the membership card get a discount on merchandise, so remember to bring it to gigs in the future!

We've had lots of people writing in asking for another clip from the album - so of course we'll post one for you!! But don't forget the release on Tuesday, you can get the entire album in the stores then. This is a clip from a song called Följ Med Mig Ut, a real "sing-along song" and one of our favourites...

The album release is not far off! Just because of that we thought we'd give all you fans out there another clip from one of the songs.
Here's a clip from a song called rOLLERbOY, a real hi-velocity techno song...

The wait is over!
Here's a clip from one of the new songs, called Dra Till Magaluf (dedicated to all at Magaluf.nu). Hope you like it!

Clubmembers get 10% discount and can pay against invoice when buying from the shop. Thanx for being the worlds greatest fans!!

We're back after a much needed Easter holiday! Some new pics are in, we'll be posting them shortly (have you seen the indexpage, for example? It's the new posterpic, and it looks like this). Work on the album continues, it is pretty much done now. 11 songs have been mastered, we're holding 2 of the original songs to be released later. The video's almost done as well, it's been edited and only lacks some special effects to be added with computers. It looks amazing! Preliminary release date is set to May 19th.

The new single will be released 7/4! If your local record store doesn't have it - TELL THEM TO ORDER IT!

The first single is almost ready. Check out the clip

Peaches played a
"secret" gig last weekend! 2 songs from the coming album were tried (Dynamit and Magaluf) live for the first time. It went really well!

We've added the chat to the public pages as well, to get some more people chatting!

We've started a chat! Try it and see if you like it, if it works out we will arrange a live chat with Peaches!


Latest news about the album -
The album is finally coming together, after tons of demos and 5 producers. There'll be 13 songs and probably a video. Most of the songs have already been recorded, they only need the final touches to the mix. But the video is still on the drawing board (...we got 2 weeks, no worries!).

The first single off the album is called Dynamit, nitroglycerin baby! It is a new supercool song by Niklas Säwström (who penned Rosa Helikopter). It's already completely finished and will be released according to plan in April. Producer on that song, and a couple of more on the album, is Anders Torslund, who also produced the last album. The other producers are Johan Fjellström (A-Teens, E-Type, etc), Micke Littwold (who wrote the song Stjärnorna that won the Swedish Eurovision Grand Prix performed by Marie Bergman and Roger Pontare), Rickard Evenlind (also from the Eurovision, and Noice!) and Christian Falk (Imperiet, Robyn, etc).

The music will be Peachestechno as usual, this time with influences from both rock and synth. One cool thing is that the girls sing one song each on their own - see if you can figure out which songs and who's singing...

The single will be premiered on Thursday/Friday, when Peaches do a short appearance with Fame and others from the Swedish Eurovision final (ses Tourpage).

Last Sunday we shot photos for the album and a new poster. We're not supposed to show any of them yet, but what the heck...here's a quick preview of one anyway ;-)

We followed Peaches one weekend when they were recording songtracks in the studio and on the train to Norway going to a gig. See the homevideo here.

We've had a couple of requests for some sort of diary by the girls. We thought it was a good idea, so we're working on that right now.

If you're wondering why Peaches aren't touring right now it is only because the work on the album is taking up all time. There are a few gigs planned for the winter, but come spring/summer the touring will pick up again. "It's boring" the girls say "performing in front of an audience is the best, so we really want to get out there as soon as possible. But first we need to concentrate on the album and make it as good as we possibly can"



Be Good, see ya later. We'll update these pages as often as possible!